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Building and deploying Syzzyk's Whiskers.

These are sensors, like cat's whiskers for your robot project. If you are a new or novice roboticist visit the SRB3 page for ideas on Logic Boards, Circuit Boards, and powering your projects.

You will need:

  1. The copper tubing is hardened (stiff, not coiled) 4mm OD, 2mm ID. I use a the little tubing cutter to the left of the tile in the photo. You'll need to cut two 8mm long bits from the tubing for each Whisker.
  2. You will also need two 6 to 8 inch bits of 22g wire, I used one red and one black which you will be soldering to the copper bits.
  3. The mount for all of these was printed on a 3D printer and below I have included a couple of grid views from Blender.
  4. 4 inch plastic cable ties.

A Tile of Parts

Below are the overhead and side views of the 3D printed mount.

The bold grid is 1cm.

Side elevation of 3D printed Whisker mount

Top elevation of 3D printed Whisker mount

Solder the wires to the copper bits

Using 4" plastic cable ties, strap one of the contacts vertically through the two holes on the thinner end of the mount.

Then using a 2mm bolt and nut through the head of the other cable tie and fasten it to the high part of the mount and slip the contact over it so that the two click into each other when the whisker is tweaked.

Feed the wires through the holes at the back end of the mount, these will hold the contacts in place and give the cable tie a bit more 'bounce.'

Assembling the Whisker

Check out Syzzyk's Robot #3 from the link at the top of this page for details on the logic board and pin saver board for ideas on how to deploy Syzzyk's Whiskers.