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Tires wear down as you drive. Where does all the rubber go?

They were 'smoker militants.'

So...if you have to add bleach and whiteners and color enhancers and fabric softeners and stain removers to get your laundry clean, what does the detergent do?

If I am getting shorter as I age, why are my toes farther away?

I have now lived through several 5.0+ earthquakes, a catergory 4 tornado, and a hurricane. I've stood on the rim of an actively erupting volcano, fought forest fires and seen a 300 foot fir explode. I've kept people alive who should have died. I've rolled a 15 yard dump truck and slid a D8 Catepillar dozer down a mountain. I've blown things up with dynamite, been shot at, and lived through flood and avalanche. I wonder what there is left to do?

The effluent of the affluent bears a striking resembalance to that of the rest, and the affluent even complian about that. Shit!

Men: Have one of what you need and put it back where you keep it every time. Women: Have at least two of everything everywhere conceivable, then you never have to put anything back. These are just different ways to organize, but they are both an orgranzation priciple of sorts.

If this wireless network and that one are 4K and 2K and ours is the fastest and ours is the cheapest and so on...why do I only see one cell tower? Where are all these other networks?

His command like a bell, ringing at the end of the world.

Is literacy better than orality? Is orality better than literacy? Or are they just different? Is literacy the death of culture? When orality was primal, when the village was one's world, when the tribe was one's identity; then there were no questions about how we fit into the world or about who we were. It can be argued that the practice of orality, passing down traditions by word of mouth over the generations keeps the story current in language and cultural evolution. However, when a copy of a copy is made many times then there is degradation to the point that the original is lost. Is the mixing of genes over thousands of generations just that? Copying a copy or a copy to the point we are no longer similar to the original? Does this apply to genetics? Were our ancestors closer to the original that we are? Who is more truly Human, you or your farthest ancetors? Are these the things that are wrong with the world today; the loss of culture, the loss of humanity? Or is there just too much news?

Aging isn't so bad, you just need to adapt. I have renamed the floor to shelf so that way everything that lands there can stay there.

"The only thing constant is change." Heraclitus

"No matter where you go, there you are." Buckaroo Banzai

"A wasted youth is better by far than a wise and productive old age." Meat Loaf

Why is it that when you pull your shirt off over your head it messes up your hair; but when you put one on it doesn't straighten it up?

Primary qualification for a politican or a lawyer: You are an ass that can tell the differenct between a fart and a turd.

Bleach doesn't remove stains, it whitewashes them.